Jake Olson

Jake Olson lost sight in his left eye before the age of one. For the next 12 years, he battled cancer in his right eye eight times; beating it seven times. When it came back the eighth time, there was nothing he could do. Though what he thought would be his greatest setback, ended up being his biggest set up.

Shortly before Jake Olson went completely blind, the head coach of the USC Trojans heard about his story and invited him to a practice. He had no idea what was to come.

Jake didn't let blindness stop him from pursuing his biggest dream: playing football.

He discovered the position of long snapping, and worked at it until he was good enough to start for his high school team, and eventually became the first blind college player ever when he snapped in USC’s game against Western Michigan on September 2nd, 2017. 

Olson currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Made boldly in the image of Christ. Forged strong to stand the test of time.